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We now have 2 reported cases of the Ebola virus that was caught in the United States, many Americans have become concerned about the Ebola Virus and certainly the risk of travel.

Should we shy away from traveling, or do we become aware of the Ebola virus and learn how we can reduce the risk of catching this awful virus? SanServe Janitorial would like to share some facts about Ebola and offer tips for staying healthy while traveling.

The worse of the Ebola outbreak is in West Africa and the CDC has issued travel warnings in effect for Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.  It is highly encouraged to avoid nonessential travel to these nations.

Since Ebola is not a casual contact-acquired infection, you are not at risk for Ebola infection unless you are in straight contact with bodily fluids of someone that has symptoms of Ebola such as fever, vomiting, and cough.

The United States practice a very strict infection control with all public workers which helps control the spread and outbreak that we see over in Africa.  With these practices in place, the chance that you will become exposed to Ebola is very slim.


It’s obvious that no one enjoys being sick during or after travel but with the recent Ebola victim, you really have no idea how could be carrying this fatal illness. I read an article in the New York Times that said Ms. Vinson called the CDC prior to her travels and I am shocked that they actually let her board that flight, putting all of the passengers at risk of catching Ebola.  So since we really have no idea who could be carrying the Ebola virus, we think it is extremely important to take extra steps to avoid coming into contact with Ebola, especially while you are traveling.  SanServe Janitoral would like to share some tips for preventing Ebola and some of the more common travel illnesses.

Wash and keep on washing! While traveling, you absolutely cannot wash or sanitize your hands enough. Touching your face with these nasty germs on your hands is the quickest way to infect yourself!

Be careful with what you put in your mouth. If you are traveling out of the United States, especially to higher-risk areas like Africa, Mexico and the Caribbean, the food and water can easily be contaminated. Stick with foods that are freshly cooked and super-hot. I would even be cautious of the ice or ice cubes in your drinks – and use bottled water only (even to rinse when you brush)!

A shot of Pepto anyone?  Although I would never recommended going overboard, taking a shot of Pepto everyday can actually help the start of the usual traveler stomach bugs.

Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water but don’t stop there – use a saline nasal solution. The dry cabin air can make the membrane lining of your nose more vulnerable to illnesses.

 Avoid a sick seatmate. If you find your neighboring passenger to be a germ dispenser, try asking the flight attendant if it would be possible to move.  Of course this isn’t always an option, so I would recommend traveling with a face mask — you can find those at any drug store.

Be a germaphobe! Load your carry-on or handbag with disinfectant wipes and use them to wipe down remote control devices, tray tables, seat arms and TV touch screens.  Pretend that everything is contaminated with Ebola and disinfect everything.  I always say, traveling is a good time to give in to your inner germaphobe tendencies!!

While we are trying not to panic over Ebola Outbreak, by following these steps will tremendously reduce the risk of coming in contact with the Ebola Virus or any other illness while traveling. 

Keep in mind, SanServe Janitorial would be more than happy to keep your business clean while you are away!  Call us today for a free quote 1-800-274-8464



SanServe is a leader in the janitorial field and can provide QUALITY service at competitive prices.  SanServe Janitorial was founded in 1963. SanServe Janitorial is backed by the experience of providing building maintenance services for over thirty of the Upper Gulf Coast’s major petrochemical plants and refineries, as well as numerous banks, medical facilities, and commercial buildings.

In addition to our janitorial services, SanServe Janitorial also offers:

SanServe Janitorial employs over 650 service personnel. All of our employees are bonded and insured, including ten million dollar umbrella liability coverage and worker’s compensation.


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My heart breaks over the deaths caused by the recent outbreak of Ebola, the dangers of catching this awful virus has become more apparent as we see cases start to hit our home in the US because it is obvious that the Ebola strain does not discriminate when it chooses its victim.  It has attacked the young, the elders and everyone in between, that is why it is critical that you take additional protection to disinfect your home and work place to prevent Ebola or any type of viruses from spreading. SanServe Janitorial has been paying close attention to this outbreak and we found this great article with some Q & A’s regarding the Ebola virus: CNN.COM EBOLA OUTBREAK.  With knowledge of the Ebola outbreak, hopefully we can protect ourselves from contracting this virus.

Keep in mind, on average most adults spend at least eight hours per day at their job, often with no knowledge of how well the surfaces are cared for or sanitized.  Disinfecting your office on a regular basis will help control illnesses from spreading around.  Diversity, a Jonson & Johnson Company supplies many disinfecting products that are beneficial to maintain a healthy work place. A good start would be to provide alcohol-based sanitizer products throughout your facility and keeping additional janitorial products for your employees to easily access (anti-bacterial wipes, antibacterial soap, Lysol, etc.), also increasing your janitorial services to all high traffic area can reduce the risk of transmitting Ebola or other illnesses among employees. 

Here are a few tips that SanServe Janitorial recommends to reduce the possibility of contracting Ebola.  Follow these simple steps to keep Ebola and other illnesses away from your commercialindustrialmedical or corporate facility.


  • Wash your hands.

           By washing your hands often, it will help protect you from germs.  You can also keep hand sanitizer handy.


  • Avoid having close contact.

          Avoid having close contact with people that may appear to be sick. If you are sick, keep your distance from others to help protect them from getting sick as well.


  • Stay home if you are sick.

           Staying home not only helps your body rest, which will help you recover faster, but it also allows you to keep your germs to yourself and not spreading the illness to others.


  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes.

           Illnesses can spread so easily when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches their mouth, eyes or nose.


  • Cover your mouth and nose.

            Use a tissue to cover your mouth and while coughing, sneezing, or nose blowing and immediately throw the tissue away and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.


  • Maintain healthy habits.

           Keep your immune system strong and resilient by sleeping adequate hours, exercise often, drink plenty of water, and eat nutritious food.


SanServe Janitorial can help protect you and your employees from Ebola and other illnesses because it isn’t enough to make sure that your lobby is sparkly clean and the trash cans are emptied, not having the right sanitation measures can result in compromising the health of your people. SanServe Janitorial Provide excellent janitorial services in Beaumont TX, Houston TX, Austin TX, Dallas TX, Corpus Christi TX, Lake Charles LA, Baton Rouge LA, New Orleans LAFort Smith AR and all surrounding areas.  Call us today to learn how we can help fight the spread of the Ebola virus. 1-800-274-8464

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SanServe Janitorial is looking for a Route Supervisor for the Golden Triangle area.  Looking for an energetic, professional, and self-motivated individual to oversee multiple accounts and able to meet with potential customers throughout the Golden Triangle and the surrounding areas, the cities will include Beaumont, Orange, Port Arthur, Port Neches, Groves, Lumberton, Bridge City, Silsbee, Kountze, Buna, Vidor, Sour Lake, Mauriceville, Winnie and Sabine Pass .  

Knowledge of the Janitorial industry is a plus and the successful candidates must have customer services skills, superior work ethics, and knowledge of commercial cleaning including sales and administrative duties.  Must possess a “hands-on" style of management with the ability to take charge and motivate the work of others. Will be responsible for providing on-the-job training and having the ability to analyze situations and take effective actions. Excellent organizational and communication skills are necessary for this position. Bi-lingual in Spanish and English a plus. Position is held within a busy customer driven environment. Must be willing to travel throughout Golden Triangle.  TWIC and OSHA a plus.

Apply online at


We are looking forward to working with you!!

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I know what you may be thinking from reading the title, but this is not an article that is meant to make you feel bad about yourself in any way, promise. A lot of people, who work normal desk jobs and stay in their teeny tiny cramped offices all day, have a difficult time keeping it clean.

This is completely understandable, when it’s taken into account that you have to work to the best of your ability and pay no attention to the trash in your office.  That is totally okay because there special janitors out there who work and clean strictly for offices and industries.  Janitor services are really needed in any place where people stay for an extended period of time, besides their own homes of course.

The janitorial services are doing the job that they are doing for a reason, and that reason is that they want to help out anyone that they can and clean up their messes, to clear out the clutter in their offices and work spaces in general.  Most people hear the word "janitor" and their minds instantly jump to the thought of a creepy old man with a wonky eye rolling a trash can with wheels down the hallway of a school. Yes, there are janitors like that, and they are terrifying. But, that's not what we're talking about here.

It is also a belief that all janitors hate their jobs, and all of the people that are around them while they are working.  This is also not true.  Janitors take pride in keeping everyone's work space clean, and giving them a proper environment to do their work and earn their money.  All these stereotypes of janitors need to be put to rest and never awakened again, because they are not helping anyone and they are most certainly not true, actually they couldn't be farther from the truth.  If you want all of the stereotypes that you know about janitor to be proven wrong and you need someone available at all times to clean your work space, it might be a good idea to hire an office janitor today.

Because no one deserves to be stuck in a dirty office space all day, especially when it can’t be helped that the space isn't clean at all times.  Get rid of the clutter in your work space, and hire an industrial janitor as soon as you can. Call us for a free quote 1-800-274-8464

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From time to time, we get calls from potential customers that are shopping around for their cleaning services, hoping to find the bottom dollar. I will be the first to admit, I love a good deal but there are some services where the cheapest price isn’t always the best deal, and I would like to tell you the top reasons why!  

·         The company could be using illegal immigrants and paying them below minimum wage or under the table.  This means they are not providing background checks, and the safety of your business could be at risk.  SanServe Janitorial conducts a mandatory DISA background check and drug test prior to hiring.  We also take pride on being able to offer our staff pay rates that attract and retain the best quality employees to meet or exceed your expectations.

 ·       Chances are, they are not bonded and insured. If something were to happen to them while they were on your property or let’s say if an item is stolen or broken; you are responsible for taking care of the damages. SanServe Janitorial and all of our employees are bonded and insured, including a ten-million dollar umbrella liability coverage and workers compensation.

·         Low proposals often reflect that the service will have cheap equipment, low end cleaning products, and unskilled employees who will provide less than professional service. When the bid is enormously lower than the others, it often means that corners are being cut in order to make a profit. We know what it takes to get the job done right because we are a specialty contractor and we have been providing janitorial service to the commercial, industrial, and petrochemical industry for over 50 years. This experience has allowed us to develop technical expertise, systems, and the ability to train personnel to facilitate services as it relates to these industries.  That is why we are able to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Most well established cleaning companies will rarely be the lowest bid proposal, they have invested in the training, equipment, and high end cleaning products in order to provide you with the high level of service that you would expect. Everyone at SanServe Janitorial prides ourselves on building long lasting relationship with our customers! If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-274-8464 or submit a quick quote!

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