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Are you Prepared for Hurricane Harvey?!

Are you Prepared for Hurricane Harvey?!

Hurricane Harvey is dangerously approaching the Texas Coast and is an extremely dangerous flood threat for Texas and Louisiana. SanServe Janitorial will be working around-the-clock to ensure that our customers are kept safe and dry.  SanServe Janitorial hopes that you and your love ones stay safe through Hurricane Harvey.

SanServe Janitorial would like to offer some helpful tips how you can safely prevent long term damage after flooding because flood waters not only cause visible damage but also hidden damage to your building.  Dangerous bacteria can grow and prosper from still water and cause you and your employee’s major health problems. After calling your insurance company to see what is covered in your policy, try some of these tips on how to avoid such damage to your building.

Immediately extract water when possible. When water is standing still, it provides a breeding ground for germs and bacteria especially in carpeting.  Once the water is extracted, call your local janitorial company to perform a deep cleaning to your carpets.

Use your air conditioner and if possible, a de-humidifier to reduce moisture by drying out the air inside your home. This is the best way to stop the bacteria from growing inside your building because the bacteria needs humid conditions in order to grow. It can take weeks for flood soaked items to dry.

Properly clean and disinfect the items that came in contact with the flood water within 48 hours, otherwise dispose as much as you can of absorbent material items. This is an important part of water damage clean-up.  If it is not cleaned properly, it can cause the bacteria to hide in them and will affect the quality of air in your building.

Call your janitorial company to properly wash and disinfect walls, floors, shelves and effected items. Your janitorial service provider will take care of your floor care needs and can offer any additional water clean-up service to get your building back to where it needs to be!

SanServe has been leader in the janitorial industry for over 50 years and we are proud of our excellent customer service.  Call us today for a free quote! 1-800-274-8464

SanServe is a leader in the janitorial field and can provide QUALITY service at competitive prices.  SanServe Janitorial was founded in 1963. SanServe Janitorial is backed by the experience of providing building maintenance services for over thirty of the Upper Gulf Coast’s major petrochemical plants and refineries, as well as numerous banks, medical facilities, and commercial buildings.

In addition to our janitorial services, SanServe Janitorial also offers:

·         Floor care including stripping and waxing

·         Carpet Cleaning

·         Construction Cleaning

·         Day Porters

·         Labor Services

·         and more...

SanServe Janitorial employs over 650 service personnel. All of our employees are bonded and insured, including ten million dollar umbrella liability coverage and worker’s compensation.



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