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Do your kids enjoy their chores? Valuable lessons are taught through their chores and responsibilities

As a child, I would have never thought that I would be in the janitorial industry, but it has truly turned into my passion and I love it. I have always felt that when our surroundings are clean and organized, we are more clear, creative and efficient in our productivity in whichever environment you are in. So how do we implement this into our children, our future because I can’t tell you how many times I found myself doing the things around the house just to get it done faster. Eventually there came a time that I realized you have to give your kids these chores to implement these valuable lessons that they will use throughout their lives. When children help out with daily chores, not only will it help with their growth development but it gives them a sense of belonging within the family.

So, how do we steer our children into the right direction with finding the value of tidiness?!?!? I have lined out some tips that I hope you find useful.

  • Start young and make it fun>Kids need to know at a young age that they are responsible for their belongings and surroundings and they should be praised when they are taking good care of their things. So even though it is a chore and it must be done, try to make cleaning fun for your kids.Try to be creative while they are young by inventing a game, a song, or a silly dance to try to make it a tad more enjoyable for them, this is a great way to show them that responsibilities are necessary and can be approached with a positive manner.


  • Once you start teaching your children chores around the house, make sure you teach them that they need to take care of “their” responsibilities. Kids need to understand that they are not “helping” you, they need to know that it’s their toys that need to be picked up, it is their bed that needs to be made and it’s their clothes that need to make it into the laundry. This isn’t mommy’s job, mommy works hard to maintain the household as it is!  Remember, it is their job and their responsibility and this certainly need to be taught early on.


  • Make sure they know the rules and instructions. Kids don’t come into this world with a toilet bowl brush in one hand and cleaner in the other hand.  It’s your job as a parent to teach your children not only how to clean, but how to be responsible.  Create easy steps that your child can understand for each chore task.  If they are really young, take photos of the sequence that you want them to follow.  You can even make it fun by turning it into a project and let them help you as you explain how to do the job.


  • Be realistic and remember they are still kids!  Assign jobs that a child is capable of doing with success according to their age because kids love to impress you.  When they are doing a good job of their capable chores, they will push harder when they see you constantly praising them. So limit cleaning sessions to short bursts at first because you want to set them up for success.  These early lessons of responsibility will reflect in your children in time, be patient.


Chore Chart. This is my happy zone… It’s organized, planned and perfected! Create a chore chart and have it displayed where it will be seen regularly. You can rotate weeks, pull chores from a jar, whatever works for your family. Set weekly goals and incentives for all of the chores at the end of the week, have a reward for all the completed chores that they were able to accomplish. When children are older, apply this method to allowances.

Never stop praising! I cannot say this enough, kid’s love and thrive on praise. When they successfully accomplish a task, praise them like crazy but if they weren’t able to complete the chore to satisfaction, figure out why and walk them through the steps to figure out why. Were the instructions not clear? Was the job unrealistic? Or did the child not give their 100% to do the job? Figure out where they fell short so you can guide them in a positive direction.

Being in this business, I know one thing is for sure, it doesn’t matter what age you are or who you clean for, everyone deserves to know that they are appreciated for the cleaning they do.

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