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With flu season upon us, we are getting more and more customers asking how they can keep their office, working areas, and most importantly their staff, safe and healthy.  The threat of getting the flu motivates people to increase their protection against infection.  Additional safety measures are necessary to avoid contracting the flu, and many have taken to disinfecting their homes on a regular basis and providing hand sanitizers to their family. But what about when you have no control over your surroundings in terms of cleanliness? Most adults spend eight hours per day at their office, often with no knowledge of how often the surfaces are cleaned and sanitized.

As the decision-maker when it comes to the health and safety of your employees, this responsibility must be taken seriously, and attention to detail is very important. Even if you have a regular cleaning crew, it is important to understand what precautions are in place to reduce the chances of infection, especially when dealing with the public.

SanServe Janitorial encourages all of our valued customers to become more knowledgeable, therefore reducing the risk of transmitting infection among employees. SanServe can adjust your cleaning protocol to best protect your business.  Whether it is to keep additional janitorial products on hand for your employees to utilize (such as hand sanitizer, heavy duty antibacterial soap, anti-bacterial wipes for your kitchens, restrooms and etc.), or increasing your weekly service during the flu season to ensure all high traffic areas are tended to regularly, SanServe is ready to help you with all of your flu season needs.

SanServe Janitorial would be more than happy to gear a plan to reduce the Flu Virus from spreading through your office.  Call us today! 1-800-274-8464.

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