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We are a stickler for our inspections!

Consistency is the key to providing quality janitorial services. We gear our services to meet each individual customer’s needs by establishing expected specifications and developing a list of what has to be cleaned on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This checklist provides a guideline for our staff and generates the inspection list for supervisors and management to use during inspections.

SanServe Janitorial visits every single customer on a regular basis to inspect the level of our cleaning. These unexpected, random inspections allow us to observe our cleaning services on any given day to ensure that absolutely nothing slips through the cracks! Our inspections are customized to your specifications, assuring that we are fulfilling our obligations and satisfying our customer’s needs.

It is our belief that it is important to measure quality often to assure the consistently high level of service that SanServe Janitorial provides.  These are our standards of inspections:

  • Daily inspections (depending on the number of days you have service) by the “lead” that is assigned to your account. 
  • Reoccurring inspections by the full-time Area Supervisor.  These usually take place during and after the cleaning process.  We check in with our customers either verbally or through the communications log that is provided to every customer.  Written inspections are conducted once per month with evaluations.
  • Weekly walk-through inspections from the Area Manager that is over your account.  The Area Manager will do a thorough walk-through and will touch base with the customers to discuss any issues or concerns at that moment, taking immediate corrective actions.

Cleaning isn't easy, but it's our passion. Since 1963, we have been able to provide quality janitorial service for thirty of the upper Gulf Coast’s major petrochemical plants and refineries, as well as numerous banks, medical facilities, and commercial buildings.   We know the importance of having a reliable, efficient commercial cleaning service, and we work very hard to ensure that your workplace is maintained to the level that you expect.  Call us for a free quote at 1-800-274-8464

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